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Three reviews of Her Whereabouts


Alice Willitts reviews Her Whereabouts on Dialect, a literary development platform for rural writers that aims to develop talent, connect with communities and offer rural writers opportunities to share their work. Alice Willitts is the author of Dear (Magma, 2019) and holds an MA in Poetry from the University of East Anglia. She is the co-creator and editor of DIRT, an ecopoetry imprint at Dialect.


Helen Moore reviews Her Whereabouts on Climate Cultures, an online network of artists, curators and researchers sharing responses to the ecological and climate crises. Helen Moore is an ecopoet, author, socially engaged artist and nature educator.


Patrick Lodge reviews Her Whereabouts in The High Window - a quarterly review of poetry, and publisher of works in English by new and established poets from the UK and around the world. Patrick is the author of An Anniversary of Flight, Shenanigans and Remarkable Occurrences (Valley Press) and his work has been published, anthologised and translated in several countries.


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